Our trip to the North of Thailand, January 2009

During January 2009 we went by car to Chiang Dao, Mae Ai, The Golden Triangle, Mae Sai, Tachilek in Myanmar, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Phrae, Thong Pha Phum and Hua-Hin. Golf courses at Thong Pha Phum and Hua-Hin are amongst our favorite courses. The whole trip from Phuket to Mae Sai, the most Northern tip and back was more than 4,500 km. The following are a few impressions of our trip.

Our friends, Tip & Kim’s bungalow hidden among the trees and bushes on 1320m a.s.l.

Dining cum living room with a fireplace in the back

Pauline, Tip and Kim in the kitchen

Gorgeous view from the terrace

Christmas stars grow wild

Guests’ bungalow

Guests’ Bedroom with glass panes where we spent two nights

Guests’ Bathroom also with glass panes

View from the guests’ bathroom

Fresh vegetables abound

Ripe sweet papayas

A roof overgrown with Orange Trumpets

Tulips – but a far cry from Holland

No feast without a fashion show

Some receive garlands from admirers

Some receive garlands from admirers

Others are left out

A game for men

The one who spins the longest wins

Entrance to orange orchards

Flower arrangements at entrance area

Way to orange orchards

Variety of flowers

Thousands of orange trees

producing large quantities of oranges

A Hill Tribe gathering to receive blankets for the cool season

Good occasion to meet, chat

and make music

Blankets for cool nights and-

-washing detergent freely distributed

Exchanging gossip

A golden Buddha on the Mekong River bank

Golden Buddha on the river bank

Entrance to the Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel where we spent two nights

View from our room overlooking Thailand, Myanmar and Laos’s borders

Pauline leaving the Opium Museum

Border crossing to Tachilek, Myanmar

Jeweler shop with lots of precious stones from Myanmar

All kinds of optical instruments and accessories on sale