Another happy day with our dear friends

Another happy day with our dear friends, Ajarn Dusit Siriwan and his wife, K.Jao.

Having made a quick tour of Bangkok cultural zone, we stopped to have lunch at Methavalai, former Sorndaeng Restaurant, located at the roundabout of the Democracy Monument, view front Rajadamnern Klang. The place, opened in 1957 as Sorndaeng and changed to Methavalai in 1993, offers a very pleasant atmosphere, superb service and the best of traditional Thai cuisine. It also features live music, accompanied by a grand piano during lunch hours.

The restaurant is held in high regard among Thais, especially Bangkok residents, as the best place to serve Thai food with original Thai taste.

Personally, it holds a lot of lovely and nostalgic memories for me as a former Bangkok resident.

We rounded off our day with a stop for tea at the former home of Ajarn Silpa-Pirasri (อาจารย์ ศิลป์-พีระศรี), the Italian Professor who created the Bangkok Fine Arts University (มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร).