Seabourn Encore 37-Day Seas of Sinbad From Greece to Singapore Last Day: Singapore

Singapore always has a special place in my heart and it’s a real pleasure to come here.

Since we’ve been here so many times, we didn’t do much by way of sightseeing but rather getting together with old friends and my two cousins.

However, one morning we went to Marina Sands Skypark, whose tower is 420 m. high, higher than Eifel Tower in Paris, to have a bird’s eye view of this amazing place as you can see from the photos.

For old time’s sake, we also went to Raffle’s Hotel, which we can no longer afford, to their famous and lively Long Bar. Peanut shells are still strewn on its floor as is customary, making it attractive to foreign visitors. We talked to a young English couple, taking three months off from work to tour this part of the world, reminding us of our very own innocent days.

Our 49th wedding anniversary was celebrated with my cousins and families yesterday without fan fare in a Chinese restaurant.

We’ve had more than a fair share of Champagne and the likes during our 37-day cruise with Seabourn Encore.